Saturday, January 7, 2012

T-Shirt Fabric Flower

I found this lovely little tutorial on making fabric flowers for embellishment purposes.  Needless to say, I was intruiged:  looks easy (check), something I'll use (check), AND already have the materials laying about (DOUBLE check).  So, of course, if you want direct instructions follow her link.  She has great pictures and wonderful step-by-step instructions.  However, I will offer my advice.  In order.

#1 - the first set of flowers I tried to cut out (9 at a time) didn't work.  I ended up having to scrap the WHOLE thing and was kind of mad I wasted the fabric.

#2 - the second set of flowers I made I cut them 2 at a time (fabric folded in half) and I was able to get 9 flowers out of one sleeve of an old "holey" t-shirt sz L.  OBVIOUSLY the last flower I cut when I unfolded the fabric.

#3 - I used leftover upholstery fabric instead of felt for the backside.  It holds up very well.

#4 - if you are using thinner t-shirt material you WANT to use tacky glue.  End of story.  You will cry otherwise.  Also, you can always go back and add more hot glue - a drop will do you at first.

#5 - fluffing the flower probably is the hardest step, seriously.

#6 - I'm going to attempt to put the flower I used and the circle I used up for people to download should they want.  Your call.

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