Saturday, February 26, 2011

Almost as Easy as Hamburger Helper

So the other night I didn't want to throw something together from scratch.  Then all of a sudden this brilliant idea hit me!  Archer Farms (Target) has this amazing rice packet that is soy, peanut, sesame, and malt free.  I could, with a little ingenuity, turn that into a *gasp* easy dinner.  Again, you're lucky I'm in a sharing mood, cause sometimes there are secrets you have to keep to yourself.  I served it with a side of vegetable tortilla chips.  The kids ate this meal like it was manna from Heaven.

Needs:  1 pkg Archer Farms Cilantro Lime Rice
             3/4 lb of chicken
             1 can dark red kidney beans (drained and well rinsed)
             1 tbs olive oil
             1/2 tbs crushed garlic
             colby jack cheese, to grate (to taste)

Prep:  Cube your chicken.  Rinse your beans.

Step 1:  Begin to cook your chicken in the olive oil and garlic in a medium saucepan.  Once the chicken is cooked on the outside, but still pink on the inside, add the kidney beans, and  follow the instructions on the rice packet making sure to omit the oil.

Step 2:  While the rice mixture is still warm, put on plates and grate cheese on top.  Serve with a side of veggie or corn tortilla chips.  Quick, tasty, who could ask for more??

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