Thursday, August 5, 2010

Re-purposed Towels

I have an issue with things being thrown away.  We recycle and compost as much as possible in our home.  However sometimes there are still items that meet the end of their intended purpose.  I'm one that looks through magazines and says, "Hey, that's a great idea, I can make that!" or "I know what I can use to do that!"  You know those old towels that have holes in them that you just can't bear to throw out?  Have no fear!  Instead of using paper towels (which you end up tossing because they get ratty) between your non-stick pans for storage cut up these towels and put them between your pots and pans.  If they start to look bad, wash them and reuse.  If you're mighty handy with a sewing machine add a nifty border (ribbon) around the edge for less fraying.  Ta da!

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